Elsinore Helmet



It appears someone snuck into the lab and created a helmet that’s part modular, part motocross. The Elsinore Monotype Helmet has an under-the-radar color scheme, but that just makes the unique lines of the design stand out that much more.

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Overlord3 Leather

Featured Jacket

The classic black leather motorcycle jacket in a classic ICON® style. The Overlord3 Leather Jacket comes with D3O® T5 Evo impact protectors in the elbows and shoulders plus a D3O® Viper back protector. The armor is removable, but the pieces are so low-profile you probably won’t even notice them. The Trackspec leather and 300D polyester chassis includes perforated venting, so you get style points as well as airflow. Plus, there’s an AirFly™ stowable mesh panel up front.

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HelmLink Communicator

Featured Accessory

The HelmLink™ Communications System integrates seamlessly into the ICON Domain™ helmet and features the latest SENA technology. It features Bluetooth™ audio, voice-activated digital assistant access, and One-Click-to-Connect Mesh Intercom™. Additionally, we've added a rear-facing light system with adaptive flash. The flush-mounted controls install within specifically designed recesses inside the Domain™ helmet, providing a streamlined aerodynamic profile. In addition, the internal EPS foam is pre-channeled for quick installation of HD speakers, boom microphone, and antennas.

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Hippie Dippy

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Gixxer Johnny

1993 Suzuki GSXR 1100 WP
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