The Brand

Our crashes are vicious street episodes.

We aren’t talking about some lame gravel trap slide on the inside of turn three. No grassy run-offs, no air fences, no corner workers. Ours are more like two lanes of oncoming and a bus type encounter that makes you re-think this whole motorcycling thing.

We stand alone in promoting the lifestyle of the street rider. Where others patently dismiss – we champion the cause. We will continue to push forth our street riding agenda one avenue, one suburb, one highway at a time. But for all our effort, there will come a time when it is just you and the tarmac. A solitary statistical tumble. The Icon staff has been there and will most likely be there again.

As a tribute to the select group of Icon abrasion and impact researchers we offer a token of our appreciation. Busted and Broken – earned the hard way. Not available in a store near you. If you’ve gone down in Icon gear, then send us your story and pictures along with a current mailing address.

Been Busted? Been Broken?